Gina Snyder Hill

The pony that couldn’t be caught, that couldn’t be ridden bareback, that dumped her on her head. Your book changed this pony’s life and how I train my horses. Thank you! She is so confident now and much less fearful. She doesn’t miss my stick/bag waving stupidity at all.

Alison Paisley

My book arrived promptly a few days ago – it’s really good quality and full of so much helpful advice – and all in the ‘positive’ vein. Had its first read through in the first 24 hours and now looking forward to the slower re-read.

Kelly Bek

Just received my book and loving it! Even chapters that I thought might not apply to me as much (such as starting a foal – as I don’t have one) I still read it through, and came across some very helpful advice and knowledge that I’ll be using with my gelding who’s not a baby … Read more

Sarah Van De Sandt

Already taken your advice on spooking – Fantastic! Distraction and getting the horse to do other stuff as soon as the gait slowed and the head went up – worked so well – without horse or rider getting to the point of being scared and wanting to bail out! Thanks for another addition to my … Read more

Haillie Buckley

Buying Neil’s book and reading from cover to cover AND actually applying completely transformed my horse – and me! Thanks Neil. Can’t endorse this method enough.


Got a book for my birthday – best ever. Totally changed a lot of my ideas and increased my understanding and empathy ten fold – Happy horses too. Thanks Neil