Overcoming Problems

A Magic Horse Training Fix

Everyone  who rides or handles horses will have problems at some point. Everyone  has trouble at some stage. You may have a problem cantering on the  correct lead; you may have a problem making your horse go; you may have a  problem making your horse… Read More »A Magic Horse Training Fix

Respect and Horse Training

Fear is the biggest factor to overcome when you train horses. It’s very difficult to teach any horse anything at all when he’s frightened. When a horse is frightened and confused, he’ll do whatever it takes to try and escape. This may include kicking, striking,… Read More »Respect and Horse Training

Excuses, Excuses

I watched a TV show the other night where a film crew followed rodeo contestants through a season of competition. The programme featured bull riders, saddle bronc riders, bareback riders and two barrel racing ladies. One of these ladies had a problem. About half way… Read More »Excuses, Excuses

It’s Always Up To You

Training horses isn’t easy. When you set out to train a horse, the plain fact is that you’re going to have problems at some point. Different problems will arise at different stages with different horses. No two horses have the same experiences and handling. Every… Read More »It’s Always Up To You

Safety First With Horses

When you buy a horse, the first and foremost consideration must be your safety. Forget about the breeding, the colour, the amount of ribbons and trophies that the horse has won – all these things are pointless if the horse isn’t safe for you to… Read More »Safety First With Horses

Horse Whisperers

Nothing irks me more than when people call me a Horse Whisperer. Let me say once and for all – I’m not a Horse Whisperer. There are no special gifts or secret magic powers when it comes to training horses. No-one can teach a horse… Read More »Horse Whisperers