My Horses Rushes When I Lead Him to His Paddock. How Can I Stop This?

Question: I recently bought an 11-year-old TB gelding with a potentially dangerous habit. This horse is a bit high energy, but he generally behaves well both on the ground and under saddle. The problem comes when I turn him out after riding him. As we approach the gate to his paddock, he rushes up to … Read more

My Horse Rears or Bucks and Refuses to go Forward. What Can I Do?

Question from a reader: “I’ve owned my 6-year-old warmblood-cross gelding for three years, and he has recently started to get really nappy when I ride him (although not always). He will stop out of the blue, sometimes rears or bucks a little, and refuses to go forward. I’ve ridden horses for many years, and I cannot … Read more

Which Halter Should I Use?

My recent visit to the US made me realise how ingrained bad training ideas have become. Unfortunately, so many of these beliefs are accepted far and wide. Ideas like you must become your horse’s leader and you must gain his respect have been marketed for the last thirty years. Thinking like this leads to many … Read more

A Better Way for Horses

I’ve seen many big name trainers working with horses and I don’t agree with much of what they do or what they say. I don’t agree with harassing horses with ropes and flags, or letting them buck with the saddle, or chasing them until they’re distressed. Every week I get emails from people whose horse … Read more

My Young Mare Has Suddenly Started Being Nasty to Other Horses. How Do I Stop This?

Question: My young mare has suddenly started being nasty to other horses (I’ve had her since a foal and she’s always been sweet natured). She is now 5. I know I can’t do anything about how she treats her paddock mates. But lately she’s started lungeing violently with her teeth bared at other horses tied … Read more