Starting Under Saddle

The Road to the Horse

I just watched a DVD of the Road to the Horse. A revolution in horse training it isn’t. At the end of the event, not one of the horses could even walk a circle in a confident and relaxed manner. There was an obsession with… Read More »The Road to the Horse

The Buck Stops Here

A couple of friends of mine… I’ll call them Chris and Macca – because these are their names, looked at a horse to buy the other day. The mare was eight years old and hadn’t been ridden for two or three months. Macca saddled the… Read More »The Buck Stops Here

Don’t Sit On The Fence

I watched a horse starting competition on video the other day. One of the trainers left his saddle in the round yard with the horse, explaining that this allowed the horse to look at the saddle and get ‘used to’ it. When the horse walked… Read More »Don’t Sit On The Fence