My Horse Paws and Kicks in The Trailer

Q: Do your trainers have any tips for stopping a horse from pawing and kicking out while he is travelling in the float? My 10-year-old crossbred gelding does this if he is travelling on his own, or with a friend. He is wrecking the inside of my float and it’s quite distracting for me when … Read more

My Horse Has a Cow Phobia

Hi  Neil. My mare has a cow phobia, and apparently has for all of her 15 years. Now, the issue is that she has to live right next door to them. The arena backs right onto a cow paddock  on one long side and the farmer has a race which he moves his cows up and down daily on … Read more

My Horse Rushes at The Gate

Q: I recently bought an 11-year-old TB gelding with a potentially dangerous habit. This horse is a bit high energy, but he generally behaves well both on the ground and under saddle. The problem comes when I turn him out after riding him. As we approach the gate to his paddock, he rushes up to … Read more

My Horse Has ‘Separation Anxiety’

Here’s a question from a reader: I am needing some help with separation anxiety in my horses. I have a five-year-old mare who I bred, and she has lived her whole life with two geldings, very happily. She’s always been independent and confident when I have taken her away from them to handle and (over … Read more

Charley Chews The Fence

Q: My 5 year old pony, Charlie, is starting to pluck the top wire on fences. It is becoming more and more of a habit. He use to just do it when he was waiting for his feed, but now he is doing it to gain attention and even when being groomed. I’m worried about … Read more

What’s This Densensitising All About?

Q: Hello there. I am fairly new to horses, and I’d like to know your trainers’ opinions about the practice I’ve seen of people ‘desensitising’ horses by doing what looks to me like chasing them around a big yard with a plastic bag on a stick. What are they trying to achieve? Dan, via email Good … Read more

I Can’t Touch My Horse’s Ears

Q: “I have a former racehorse who is very unhappy about having his ears touched around the base especially, which makes it quite hard to bridle him. For example, to arrange his forelock and mane around his headpiece, and also to get rid of sweat from the area. Can you please give me some advice … Read more