Karen Zelinsky

I have just purchased the Starting a Horse Under Saddle Online Clinic and am only two videos in & loving what it is teaching me! I’m no professional … I have a horse that kicks and won’t let me touch him past the neck …… Read More »Karen Zelinsky

Vireena Peacock

Hi Neil, I took receipt of your book this week and read it cover to cover in two days. Your methodology clicked with me immediately. I bought the book for two reasons, one – I don’t believe in using fear when dealing with any sentient… Read More »Vireena Peacock

Donna Tinsley

I’m an experienced rider. But had a series of falls and injuries and lost my nerve, and that meant every time I got on a horse I was emotionally transmitting fear. And as a result my horse was fearful. Neil’s book pointed out such basic… Read More »Donna Tinsley

Gina Snyder Hill

The pony that couldn’t be caught, that couldn’t be ridden bareback, that dumped her on her head. Your book changed this pony’s life and how I train my horses. Thank you! She is so confident now and much less fearful. She doesn’t miss my stick/bag… Read More »Gina Snyder Hill