Susan Pollock

This book is so worth every penny. Neil Davies explains his approach to fear-free horse training in a straightforward, comprehensive, logical manner that’s easy to read and follow. I even found it quite calming just reading his book! I’m sure every horse would respond positively… Read More »Susan Pollock

Bob Lawrence

I started studying Neil Davies over 30 years ago. His methods make it simple for horses to understand.

Pam King

This is necessary reading to having a horse. Or should be!

Jeannie Littlewood

I went to one of your clinics many years ago. I have always adopted your approach with my horses, and of course, with success. I remember “Little Digger”, and I purchased “Lubra” from your dad, and I placed in many campdrafts with that great black… Read More »Jeannie Littlewood

Sand Groper

Your book has helped so much. I am so very grateful that you took the time to put your knowledge to paper and shared it. I just wish I had your book before I sent my first horse off to get “broken”, which is what… Read More »Sand Groper

Anna-Lisa Rovak

I’ve bought not one copy but two! My initial copy was loaned out and never returned. I had to buy another copy. For those who can’t quite afford this book save up the money. Buy the book. Please – save up the money. It’s worth… Read More »Anna-Lisa Rovak

Wendy Dempsey McCarter

This book is the number one book to read. If you can only read one book on how to work with your horse then read this one!! Please! For the horses.