Susan Perryman, Australia

I purchased your book recently, because my Australian Stock Horse started to refuse float loading late last year. Short story- in the last week of daily training he is now loading straight up, with a reward of a carrot when on and done. Tomorrow we will be lifting up the ramp. Thank you.

Leah Harradine

Love this book, always a go to when things go pear shaped

Kay Ryder

Brilliant book, always being referred to!!

Mark Blackie

Neil, you saved my life. I have educated over 500 thoroughbreds to the saddle for their 1st time in my life and not 1 of them bucked. I learnt your way in 1995 at a class you did on Racecourse Road Cambridge New Zealand and have used your way ever since. Even done 62 breakers … Read more

Andrew Ost

Buy his book for your horse. It is full of common sense and great tips for training. I knew nothing about horses and got all sorts of advice from people, even vets told me to scare them to help them. The book is clear and easy to follow, and if you really like horses rather … Read more

Stewart Geiger

I bought the book and the “Starting a Horse Under Saddle Online Clinic,” for my Daughter for a late Christmas present. In the last 10 days she has implemented it on her 2yr old filly with amazing results. I’ve been around horses all my life and Neil’s system just makes sense and the proof is … Read more

Mieke Bestbier

Absolutely love this book. Easy to follow. After reading this book, eveything just clicks into place more while working with your horse.

Christina Kraj

I love this book. It helped me with my horse so much. I go back to it and reread it often.