Suz Lloyd

Your knowledge and advice is not measurable Neil.  My little Welsh Cob Ivy and I are developing such a beautiful trusting bond by following your approach.  Stand at float and encourage – rub head – no step backwards or halter pressure applied.  Then step forward… Read More »Suz Lloyd

Anthony Fletcher

This man is a encyclopaedia on handling any discipline with horses , if only there were more out there like him.

Erin Coats

Just recieved the book…its changed my whole way of thinking..after 40 years of riding .. amazing.

Belinda Seiboth

I have always felt there was a better way for the horse to be educated, this is it. You have allowed me to grow into a better educator for my horses.

Sue Fyfe

Hi Neil Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge. I have your book and both the foal handling and starting under saddle videos which I followed as closely as I could. My little colt had attitude and was a biter and kicker right from his… Read More »Sue Fyfe

Ralph Livingstone

Hello Neil! I’ve just read your book and want to tell you how wonderful it is. I’ve ordered a second copy this morning. I’ve read over 100 books on training/eqitation/horsemanship and yours is simple the best of all of them. I train young thoroughbreds and… Read More »Ralph Livingstone

Kelly Bek

Just received my book and loving it! Even chapters that I thought might not apply to me as much (such as starting a foal – as I don’t have one) I still read it through, and came across some very helpful advice and knowledge that… Read More »Kelly Bek

Sarah Van De Sandt

Already taken your advice on spooking – Fantastic! Distraction and getting the horse to do other stuff as soon as the gait slowed and the head went up – worked so well – without horse or rider getting to the point of being scared and… Read More »Sarah Van De Sandt

Haillie Buckley

Buying Neil’s book and reading from cover to cover AND actually applying completely transformed my horse – and me! Thanks Neil. Can’t endorse this approach enough.

Oscar Wells

I bought this book for a young girl that owns a horse. I all ready own the book and I told her this is my bible when it comes to horses. I have spread the word all over Facebook and in Missouri. Thank you again.… Read More »Oscar Wells