Tuesday Rennie

I can never say enough good about Neil!!!  I’ve worked with horses my whole life and 2 years ago received his book.  It changed my world!!!  I have found my life with horses so much easier.  And his number 1 rule (rubbing your horse’s head)… Read More »Tuesday Rennie

Liane Farr

Best book, fantastic,step by step guide.great photos a book you can keep going back to. Thank you Neil

Betty Davies

Neil’s book has been like a Bible to us. His approach is amazingly kind and workable. It has allowed us to break in so many thoroughbred horses that display quiet manners, with no fizzy outbursts that so many thorougbreds show. Thanks Neil

Fred Beartwo

I took Neil’s approach onboard because it made sense, and never looked back. Awesome and it certainly puts paid to all the garbage you see about training horses. Lovely, gentle, cooperative, willing and brave horses has for me, always been the outcome. Thank you Neil,… Read More »Fred Beartwo

Annette McFadgen

Love this book Neil. I have followed to the letter and so far have had great success my foal. She is now a yearling, and loves everyone, and is inquisitive about everything. I re -read bits as I get to different stages so I get… Read More »Annette McFadgen

Suz Lloyd

Your knowledge and advice is not measurable Neil.  My little Welsh Cob Ivy and I are developing such a beautiful trusting bond by following your approach.  Stand at float and encourage – rub head – no step backwards or halter pressure applied.  Then step forward… Read More »Suz Lloyd

Anthony Fletcher

This man is a encyclopaedia on handling any discipline with horses , if only there were more out there like him.

Erin Coats

Just recieved the book…its changed my whole way of thinking..after 40 years of riding .. amazing.

Belinda Seiboth

I have always felt there was a better way for the horse to be educated, this is it. You have allowed me to grow into a better educator for my horses.