Dave Reynolds

The best horse book I have ever read. It just makes sense when you read it.

Shelley Ramstein

Well worth the price. Nicely written and photos. Definitely a wealth of common sense humane training. Glad I purchased!

Susan Pollock

This book is so worth every penny. Neil Davies explains his approach to fear-free horse training in a straightforward, comprehensive, logical manner that’s easy to read and follow. I even found it quite calming just reading his book! I’m sure every horse would respond positively to his approach and be grateful for Neil’s insights and … Read more

Bob Lawrence

I started studying Neil Davies over 30 years ago. His methods make it simple for horses to understand.

Pam King

This is necessary reading to having a horse. Or should be!

Jeannie Littlewood

I went to one of your clinics many years ago. I have always adopted your approach with my horses, and of course, with success. I remember “Little Digger”, and I purchased “Lubra” from your dad, and I placed in many campdrafts with that great black mare. Well done Neil!

Sand Groper

Your book has helped so much. I am so very grateful that you took the time to put your knowledge to paper and shared it. I just wish I had your book before I sent my first horse off to get “broken”, which is what happened. He came back locked down. I was instructed to … Read more

Anna-Lisa Rovak

I’ve bought not one copy but two! My initial copy was loaned out and never returned. I had to buy another copy. For those who can’t quite afford this book save up the money. Buy the book. Please – save up the money. It’s worth it.