Joanne Bridge

Your thought process on how the horse thinks and your approach as to how horses reason is so spot on that more people need to hear from you and see your training methods.

Rebecca Anderson

I have recommended Mr Davie’s blog posts and book to several friends. His fear-free approach is refreshing and it works, too. We need to get back to this kind of horsemanship. I am grateful that Mr Davies has shared his lifetime of horse knowledge and… Read More »Rebecca Anderson

Sonja Dake

Clear concise kind advice on having a cooperative relationship with horses instead of brute force old time techniques.

Pam Robson

As well as the complete logic of the approach, I have seen results for myself. It just makes so much sense.

Mariana Martin

I have been using Neil’s training advice since our foal’s birth and seeing great results!

Carol Conklin

I like the slow gentle, approach to a confident horse and the compassion shown for horses….


I like the way you train, as well as it is straight forward and easy to follow.

Janine McGowan

Gives the best results, I believe. Makes absolute sense.