Consider Your Horse


By Neil Davies

Do you think your horse enjoys it
When you tie him up to fight
Do your really think he's happy
As he pulls with all his might

Do you think your horse is having fun
When you chase him from the ground
Do you really think he loves it
As he's running round and round

Do you think your horse knows what to do
When you flap a tarp or flag
Do really think he understands 
Why you hit him with a bag

Do you think your horse kicks for a lark
When you lasso his hind feet
Do you really think you have to win
And dominate and defeat

Horses just don't think that way
They're not looking for a boss
They don't want to fight, they don't keep score
Of who has won or lost

The simple tool we all can use
You know I've always said
Don't be proud, go to your horse 
And rub him on the head

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