To every horseperson who truly wants the best for their horses.

Learn to gain your horse’s trust and confidence, without confrontation or force

Many long-held beliefs about horse training are wrong.

Dear fellow horse lover,
My name is Neil Davies and I rebelled against using harsh methods fifty
years ago.
I know there’s a better way to train every horse.

Are traditional beliefs stopping you
from gaining trust and cooperation
from your horse?

My approach to horse training is based on building confidence
and teaching every horse, every step of the way.

A Simple, Step-by-Step Approach
that works

Over the past fifty years, the thousands of horses I’ve trained have taught me:

I’ve taken my lifetime of experience, my beliefs and my understanding of horse psychology and written them in a simple way that everyone can learn and benefit from.

The Ultimate Guide to Training and Understanding your Horse, Using Cooperation and Trust

This is the book that friends and fellow horse owners have been pleading with me to write for the past 30 years.

That’s right, this is a book, NOT a downloadable course!

It’s a book shipped to you in a package. You can hold it in your hands, turn the pages and smell that new book smell.

It will always be around for you when you need to check something. Whether you leave it on your coffee table to refer to it regularly, keep it on your nightstand to read it in bed at night, or even take it out into the yard when you work with your horse, this is your horse training Bible.

In this 224-Page book, with 320 Colour photos, You’ll see:

Thousands of Horse Owners Around the World Now Have the Gift of Being Able to Build Trust and Cooperation with Their Horses, Will You Join Them?

Already taken your advice on spooking—fantastic! Distraction and getting the horse to do other stuff as soon as that gait slowed and the head went up—worked so well—without horse or rider getting to the point of being scared and wanting to bail out! Thanks for another addition to my "toolbox" Neil.

– Sarah Van De Sandt

​​I'm currently reading Neil's book and I've got to say that it's chock full of good common sense thoughts and tips. I've already started to use some of the techniques in Neil's book with my horses and it works. Gently does it. Little by little. Look for the try. Reward and come back again tomorrow. Don't push too hard. Be clear and consistent. Neil's book really is a great great tool for the horse owner who wants to learn horse handling and also wants to improve his horse. I'm loving your book Neil, thank you!

– Roland Horton

I have had my copy for 8 months and the moment I hit a "tricky" patch with my ex-polo mare, I refer back to it straight away. I always assume it is my fault and I need help with how to translate what I want to something my horse understands and this book does that every time so far. It is a slow process but we are making little steps forward all the time :) If you only ever buy one book on "how to" and most of all "how NOT to" this is it!

– Moi Watson

Here's What You'll Get

Order today and you’ll receive this 224-page book that includes over 300 full-colour photos, for:
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Get Your Hands on the Book That Helped One Horse Owner Load Her Horse into the Trailer for the First Time with Ease

​​Hi Neil
​​I just wanted to say Thank you!

Having read your book and followed you on FB, my horses loaded into the trailer first time of asking without any dramatics and force.

The lad on the left is only 16 months old, and trailered only once before.

I had a good look at myself and with lots of face rubs and very little in the way of pressure from behind ... they were fantastic. I'm beyond happy.

– Gill

Fear-Free Horse Training Is a Book for Horse Lovers Who Want to Learn a Way That's Better for Your Horse, Easier for You, and Less Stressful for the Both of You

Here's the thing: I'm no salesman or internet marketer. I'm a quiet person who knows a lot about horses, having spent the past 50 years with them.

I want to get the word out to as many people as possible that you don't have to be cruel to a horse to get him to do as you ask. That's the reason I wrote this book and it's the reason why ...

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I am so very pleased to say that after reading your very sensible and logical training approach in your book, I have been enjoying seeing my six month old filly foal progress from being scared and aggressive to relaxing and her confidence is building up. I have now progressed to getting her head collar on and she is letting us pat her and rub her over her body ... We are now up to commencing her leading training and I will enjoy adapting to your ideas with this girl ... so far so good ... thanks again

– Julie

​​It's your choice. ​​Take the responsibility of caring for your horses, grow your connection with your horses, and learn about yourself in the process.

​​I Want To Build A Better Relationship With My Horse
All the best from Neil Davies
On behalf of horses everywhere.

P.S. I almost forgot—if you order right now, I'll sign your copy for you. Just imagine getting that beautiful hardback—full of glossy photos—in the mail, opening it up and seeing the author's signature and a little personalized note.

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