It’s Always Up To You

Training horses isn’t easy. When you set out to train a horse, the plain fact is that you’re going to have problems at some point. Different problems will arise at different stages with different horses. No two horses have the same experiences and handling. Every horse will react slightly differently in any given situation. You … Read more

Mind Over Muscle

If you watch a week-old foal playing in the paddock, you’ll see that he already knows how to walk, trot, canter, do flying changes, turns, spins, levade, piaffe, passage, extended trot/canter/gallop and every other movement you ever dreamed of. When we ride, the problem we have is to convince our horses to perform these movements … Read more

Horse Back Riding

Horse-back riding conjures up images of a loving relationship between you and a horse, with the two of you cantering off into the sunset in harmonious rapture. People often have visions of horse-back riding where their horse loves to carry them around and obeys every command smoothly and gracefully. Unfortunately, the reality is often very … Read more


Horsemanship is a word that’s heard a lot these days. It conjures images of immaculate horses competing at the highest level and of ‘important’ horse trainers with cowboy boots, lassoes, chaps and spurs. Sorry to disillusion everyone but horsemanship isn’t reserved for a chosen few. Horsemanship is a word that relates to every man, woman … Read more

You Must Reinforce Your Lessons

Whenever you ride, you must remember that your horse has a mind of his own. He may want to run home when you try to leave the barn. He may think it easier to run along in the trot rather than canter when you ask. He may want to stay down one end of the … Read more