Catching and Ground Lessons

Be a Switched On Horseman

One way to communicate with your horse is to apply pleasantness or withdraw pleasantness. Another way to communicate with your horse is to apply pressure or relieve pressure. When you think about it realistically, these are the only tools we have and the only tools… Read More »Be a Switched On Horseman

Safety First for Horses

If you want to handle horses, you must have good facilities. Horses can always find 100 different ways to injure themselves. If your fences and yards aren’t up to scratch, you can bet your horse will find a way to cut himself or become tangled… Read More »Safety First for Horses

The Leading Edge

Everyone wants to be able to lead their horse calmly alongside. Nobody wants their horse to hang back or rush in front or pull away or run over the top of them. Some trainers say humans have a bubble around them that horses aren’t allowed… Read More »The Leading Edge