The Horse’s Lament


By Neil Davies

 He puts a dreadful halter on, 
 it’s made from rope and knots 
 And when he jerks and jerks my head, 
 it really hurts me lots
 He flaps a stupid flag each day, 
 I don’t know what to do
 And though I try to please him, 
 he hits me with it too
 He makes me run away from him, 
 and says it is a game
 But when he jerks the halter,
 it hurts me just the same
 He flags me while I’m eating, 
 and there isn’t any need 
 If he only stopped to think, 
 I just want to eat my feed
 He chases me around and round, 
 it really makes me tired
 If he just showed me what he wants, 
 he’d see how much I tried
 To all of you who own a horse, 
 here is what we pray
 If you really care for us, 
 please find a kinder way