The Horse as a Prey Animal

Every time I pick up a horse magazine, I read that horses are prey animals and humans are predators. Many articles say horses are ‘naturally’ afraid of humans because humans are predators. Others say it’s ‘natural’ for a horse to buck when the saddle is… Read More »The Horse as a Prey Animal

Teach your horse to stop

We should try to use as little unpleasantness as possible at every phase of horse training. Everyone thinks horses stop when you pull on the reins. However, before you apply pressure on the bit, bring your legs on and sit in the stand and relax… Read More »Teach your horse to stop

The Respect Myth

I’ve heard at least a thousand times that you must gain your horse’s respect. It’s a mantra parroted off by horse people everywhere and many trainers say that respect is the first thing you must achieve. There are countless videos, articles and books on how… Read More »The Respect Myth

The Buck Stops Here

A couple of friends of mine… I’ll call them Chris and Macca – because these are their names, looked at a horse to buy the other day. The mare was eight years old and hadn’t been ridden for two or three months. Macca saddled the… Read More »The Buck Stops Here

Teach your horse to relax

Every horse’s world must be predictable before he can relax. Horses must always know what the outcome of their actions will be. From the very first lesson, I rub every horse’s head. I teach every horse that when he has his head with me it’s… Read More »Teach your horse to relax

Round Yard Reality

People have an obsession with forcing horses to come to them. When a horse is hard to catch, trainers say you must make the horse come to you. They say you must be the alpha and the horse must submit. They say the horse must… Read More »Round Yard Reality