Maybe you’ll never want to start a horse under saddle, but you’ll still benefit from these videos. The ground lessons and the explanations of horse behaviour are invaluable for every horse and every rider. This Online Clinic is for everyone.

See How Any Young Horse Can Be Started Under Saddle Without Chasing and Bucking and Fighting


Some horses buck when they are first saddled. That's just the way it is, right?


Just put the saddle on and he’ll get used to it, right?

Neil Davies says:

Every horse can learn to be relaxed and confident, just as every horse
can learn to buck and fight.

How I Know what I Know

I’ve started thousands of horses under saddle and each one taught me something. I've been bitten, kicked, knocked down and walked over by more horses than I care to remember.

No matter what happened, or how angry and frustrated I felt, I never ever blamed the horse I was working with.

After all, I’m the human and I’m supposed to have the brains. I’m supposed to be the teacher, right?


It wasn’t until I learned to control myself and to remain neutral, that I started to see every situation from the horse’s point of view.

Throw Out Your Old Ideas and Watch How to Start Any Young Horse Under Saddle

I succeeded with horses that everybody else had given up on because I do the exact opposite to what most trainers do. I don't use flags, force, or restraints of any kind.

When you see me work with a young horse, you'll see that the horse doesn't break a sweat—and neither do I.

My tools are common sense and kindness. I give every frightened horse a safe space where they can relax and know kindness for the first time.

But I didn't learn this overnight. I've dedicated my life to understanding and training horses. And believe me, I've seen and heard it all.


If you want to benefit from all my experience, you can now watch me work,
in real-time, on video.

You'll feel like you're in the training yard with me, as I start a frightened three-year-old station-bred gelding who hadn't had much prior handling.

Step-by-step, lesson by lesson, day by day, you can watch while I catch the gelding, teach him to lead, handle his legs, and introduce the saddle, bridle and myself as rider. Through each of the sixteen lessons, I explain the WHY of everything I’m doing and answer questions from onlookers.

It's Like Watching Reality TV—But This Show Will Make You a Better Horseperson.

You’ll watch as I walk you through an easy, logical progression from one lesson to the next.

Each lesson is less than 30 minutes, to make sure the young horse stays confident and relaxed.

You'll see:

And much, much more


I have just purchased the Starting a Horse Under Saddle Online Clinic and am only two videos in & loving what it is teaching me! I'm no professional … I have a horse that kicks and won't let me touch him past the neck ... Already after two short 10min sessions following Neil's training I am touching him (while he patiently stands and waits for me to move away) on his neck, back, stomach and top of front legs ... Incredible

– Karen Zelinsky

I’m currently watching Neil’s Starting a Horse Under Saddle Online Clinic videos and I can say they are amazing!!! Very eye opening and after watching this approach you will see it’s completely “illogical” to do it any other way!!
The confidence I’ve gained and the understanding of my horses has improved so much and so has my horses trust in me …
So excited about spending time with my three horses and loving every minute. Thanks so much Neil! Your experience and your knowledge is helping me greatly! So glad I signed up.

– Lisa Bridges

The money I invested in the Starting a Horse Under Saddle Online Clinic is proving to be one of the best things I have ever done to help me become a better horseperson. You may not realize that your quiet, calm, steady demeanor not only positively impacts the horse, but also the human who is just as worried. I thank you for your efforts and look forward to my future

– Vickie Griffis

What's NOT Included
in these Videos:

Just an in-depth explanation of horse handling and horse psychology.

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So What’s the Bottom Line? How Much Does the Starting a Horse Under Saddle Online Clinic Cost?

These videos would be worth every penny even if they cost one thousand dollars. That’s half what I would charge if you hired me to teach you one-on-one for 7 hours.

But, I’m not going to charge you one thousand dollars, or even $500.

The price of streaming the complete Starting a Horse Under Saddle Online Clinic, is ...


What If You Don’t Have the Internet?

Sometimes, if you work on farms in the middle of the country like I did, it's hard to find a good WiFi connection. Don't worry, I've already thought of that.

You can order a USB with all the video lessons stored on it.

That way, you'll have my Starting a Horse Under Saddle Online Clinic in the palm of your hand, no matter where you go.

Even if you train horses in the Australian outback like I did, you'll still be able to access my teachings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I'm an experienced rider/complete beginner. Is the Starting a Horse Under Saddle Online Clinic for me?

A. There’s something for everyone in these videos. The basic ground lessons shown with the gelding, apply to horses of all ages. I explain every step in great detail. There’s never been such an in-depth explanation of horse behaviour and horse handling. Every horseperson, regardless of their experience, will benefit from better understanding their horse.

Q. How is the Starting a Horse Under Saddle Online Clinic different to the book?

A. I'm very proud of my book. The principles in it are timeless. But there are limitations to the written word. Nothing beats me showing you—in real-time—what can be achieved with any young horse. These videos are the closest thing you'll get to being able to work in the yard with me.

Got any more questions? Contact me with anything you’d like to know.

All the best from Neil Davies
On behalf of horses everywhere.