Advice I Would Give to Every Horse Enthusiast Around the World

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If you've ever wanted to understand the utter simplicity of my horse training approach, I have some good news for you.

Here's why. I've written a best-selling book and videoed 2 Online Clinics, but creating them was sometimes a bittersweet process for me.

You see, because of the limitations of video and print, and because we had to be ruthless when editing, some of my insights have been left on the cutting room floor.

So, together with the legendary Hollywood journalist Colin Dangaard, I’ve recorded a 90-minute interview that includes everything I always wanted to say about horses and people.

I Held Nothing Back

You can listen to this interview in the car on your way to work with your horses.

You can listen as you fall asleep at night thinking about how you're going to work with your horse the next day.

Just make sure that you have a pen and paper nearby because you'll be taking plenty of notes.

Here's What You'll Get

This one-off podcast would be worth every penny
even if it cost a few hundred dollars.

This audio is priceless because the information is unique and completely different to mainstream ideas. This is the first—and probably—the last long interview I've ever done on horse training. But, I’m not going to charge you hundreds of dollars, or even $50.

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This is the First Time This "Fireside Chat with Neil" Has Been Released to the Public

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All the best from Neil Davies
On behalf of horses everywhere.