How Foals Are Handled is Often Overlooked in The Horse World, But It’s The Most Important Step In Every Horse’s education

Correct handling as a foal gives every horse a head start in life. When your youngster is old enough to be ridden,
it will be no big deal.

If Every Foal Was Started Off Correctly, There’d Be No “Problem” Horses and No “Rejects”

Many people ask me to “retrain” their horses to make them confident and relaxed around humans. These people think they can erase their horse’s memory and train them from a clean slate.

That’s impossible. No-one can erase any horse’s memory. That’s why it’s so important to start every foal correctly in the first place.

If You Breed a Foal, It’s Your Responsibility To Take Care of Him From Day One

Don’t wait until your foal is six months old, don’t even wait until he’s two months old—start teaching your foal to be relaxed and confident from the very first week of his life.

Handling your foal is like painting on a blank canvas. What you paint is up to you—every foal can be taught to be confident and relaxed, just as every foal can be taught to resist and fight.

Don’t Fall For Old Wives Tales or Cruelty When It Comes To Handling Your Foal

“This foal is mad, his mother was mad, all this breed are mad.” Right?


“Just tie him up and let him pull. He’ll soon learn he can’t get away.” Right?


“Sack him out. Flap that flag all over him until he gets used to it.” Right?


Many long-held beliefs are wrong. They’ve always been wrong.
And it’s always the horses who suffer.

I Know There’s a Better Way. Let Me Show You The Best Way To Handle Every Foal

Benefit from my years of experience.  My six-hour Foal Handling Online Clinic has fourteen step-by-step lessons in real time, working with a previously unhandled foal.

Watch while I:

Throughout each lesson I explain every step in great detail. The footage includes questions from onlookers, interviews and plenty of me talking to camera.

I Explain The WHY of Everything I Do, and You’ll Feel Like You’re In The Training Yard With Me As I Work

Here's What People Have to Say
About My Approach

This guy is Neil Davies. He is a master horseman, very humble and a horse genius. Neil would be, without a doubt one of the world’s leaders in horsemanship and horse education and he needs to be acknowledged for what he is, a horse genius. Horse people worldwide can learn much from this man, if they take the time to listen.

– Rick Worthington

I train young thoroughbreds and have immediately put your approach to a real world test and have nothing but success.
Are you planning to come to North America?
The horse world desperately needs to hear your wisdom and doctrine of kindness towards these noble creatures.
I want to thank you so much for seeking and then sharing your wisdom of a “better way” to train horses.
Looking forward to the day we get to meet,

Yours truly,
– Ralph Livingston

What's NOT Included
in My Foal Handling
Online Clinic

Just an in-depth explanation of foal handling and horse psychology.

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To be clear, my Foal Handling Online Clinic is entirely digital. You’ll access absolutely everything through the secure member’s area.

So What’s the Bottom Line? How Much Does the Foal Handling Online Clinic Cost?

These videos would be worth every penny even if they cost one thousand dollars. That’s half what I would charge if you hired me to teach you one-on-one for six hours.

But, I’m not going to charge you one thousand dollars, or even $500.

The price of streaming the complete Foal Handling Online Clinic, is ...


What If You Don’t Have the Internet?

Sometimes, if you work on farms in the middle of the country like I did, it's hard to find a good WiFi connection. Don't worry, I've already thought of that.

You can order a USB drive with my Foal Handling Online Clinic stored on it.

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A. I'm very proud of my book. The principles in it are timeless. But there are limitations to the written word. Nothing beats me showing you—in real-time—how to handle a foal correctly.  This Online Clinic is the closest thing you'll get to being able to work in the yard with me in person.

Got any more questions? Contact me with anything you’d like to know.

All the best from Neil Davies
On behalf of horses everywhere.