How Can I Teach My Horse To Move From Trot to Canter?

Q: Hi there. I have a five-year-old crossbred who I have just started riding. I am having problems getting him to canter though (he canters fine in the paddock with his mates). He just trots faster and faster and faster when I try to get him to canter. Have your trainers got some suggestions please? … Read more

My Horse Pulls and Shakes Her Head Whenever I Ride

Q: “My horse constantly pulls against me and shakes his head when I ride. How can I fix this?” From Sally *** Hi Sally, There’s no magic fix for head shaking or any other problem. Like all problems, head shaking doesn’t exist in isolation. Your horse’s head-shaking could be caused by any number of things. … Read more

A Better Way for Horses

I’ve seen many big name trainers working with horses and I don’t agree with much of what they do or what they say. I don’t agree with harassing horses with ropes and flags, or letting them buck with the saddle, or chasing them until they’re distressed. Every week I get emails from people whose horse … Read more

My Horse Rears or Bucks and Refuses to go Forward. What Can I Do?

Question from a reader: “I’ve owned my 6-year-old warmblood-cross gelding for three years, and he has recently started to get really nappy when I ride him (although not always). He will stop out of the blue, sometimes rears or bucks a little, and refuses to go forward. I’ve ridden horses for many years, and I cannot … Read more