No More Flags on Sticks

Lots of trainers tie a plastic bag or a flag on the end of a stick and call it a ‘training tool’. When the stick is used, the plastic bag/flag makes a whooshing noise that frightens horses every time it’s waved near them. If a horse is already worried or frightened when you approach, you … Read more

Why I Never Use a Flag on a Stick

Whenever you work with an unhandled horse or foal, the first thing you must do is get a rope around his neck. Without a rope, the horse can run away at any time. And the more frightened the horse is, the more he’ll run. Some horses will run to the point of exhaustion rather than … Read more

Never Punish Your Horse

No matter what your horse does or doesn’t do, it’s cruel and pointless to punish him. When a horse shies or doesn’t stop or doesn’t change leads or doesn’t do whatever else the rider thinks he should do, running the horse down a fence, forcing him to run backwards, hitting him after the event or … Read more

Consider Your Horse

CONSIDER YOUR HORSE By Neil Davies Do you think your horse enjoys it When you tie him up to fight Do you really think he’s happy As he pulls with all his might Do you think your horse is having fun When you chase him from the ground Do you really think he loves it … Read more

No Ifs Buts or Maybes

People often say, ‘Never say never when it comes to horse training.’ ‘Oh but,’ they say, ‘If you’re having problems, maybe you’ll need to resort to other techniques.’ I beg to disagree. No matter how much trouble you’re having with a horse, here are some things that are NEVER EVER okay to do. It’s never … Read more

Which Halter Should I Use?

My recent visit to the US made me realise how ingrained bad training ideas have become. Unfortunately, so many of these beliefs are accepted far and wide. Ideas like you must become your horse’s leader and you must gain his respect have been marketed for the last thirty years. Thinking like this leads to many … Read more