Horses and Philosophy


Horsemanship is a word that’s heard a lot these days. It conjures images of immaculate horses competing at the highest level and of ‘important’ horse trainers with cowboy boots, lassoes, chaps and spurs. Sorry to disillusion everyone but horsemanship isn’t reserved for a chosen few.… Read More »Horsemanship

Horse Training Home Truths

Here, in no particular order, are a few home truths about horses: 1. It’s always good to ‘pet’ your horse at the appropriate time. Every horse will soon learn to enjoy having his head rubbed. Being nice to your horse doesn’t mean that he’s allowed… Read More »Horse Training Home Truths

Bitless Riding

All around the world, people gain great pleasure from riding and handling their horses. It’s a wonderful feeling when your horse learns to co-operate and try his hardest for you. And I’m sure that the horses enjoy the mental stimulation and the exercise they receive… Read More »Bitless Riding