Great book. Such good advice makes it easier to avoid problems instead of trying to solve them once they happen.
Rosalind Lauchland

I am trying your methods with my new 6 year old and they are working. Was at a bit of a loss to start with him but we are getting there slowly but we are both building a positive relationship. Thank you!
Josella Foulds

I am loving Neil's methods and using them now on my horses with success.
Heather Ronaldson

Really informative and easy to understand videos using the training on all my young horses now.
Nicky Clayden

Love the approach and violence free training.
Christian Pilon

Clear concise easy to follow instruction, I would recommend for anyone in the horsey world to read.
Pam Andrews

Everything I've heard Neil Davies say, makes sense, I've watched some videos of him working with horses, and it made sense, no horse was frightened unneccessarily, it was realistic, natural and backed up what he's said. Thanks for reminding me that no horse is bad or good, they are just doing what they've been taught to do.
Kate Roz

Amazing training methods easy to understand... very impressed one of the best training books I have ever read.
Paulette Roberts

Neil keeps it simple, very easy to learn.
Lisa Laurin

Training is practical, easy to understand and makes sense.
Mark Tymms

Neils methods make sense to me and have helped me with my own horse.
Helen Duncan

I love your way of training... so kind, caring and simplified. Thanks for opening my eyes up after being taught the wrong way with so called Natural Horsemanship.
Ruby Strand

His book and videos explain in a simple way how to train a horse if you follow his instructions I am not saying training a horse is easy but if your ever going to train a horse correctly his way is the correct way.
Oscar Wells

I’ve always believed frightening a horse to get it to do what you want is the worst thing you can do. Neil’s book is clear and easy to understand, and supports everything I’ve always thought. I recommend it to anyone who’s having issues with their horse. If just one person changes the way they think and trains with kindness and confidence its a step in the right direction.
Naomi Dix

Neil’s Method is so gentle and so very effective his practice is amazing as a student of my grandfather who worked and learned off Kel Jeffrey I can safely say Neil is the next step in evolution of “a better deal for horses”. Thanks Neil your a true horseman and a gentleman.
Adam Tibbitts

The concepts which make perfect sense are explained easily and directly in a gentle tone.
Coleen Avery

Because your ways are kind and considerate to the horses. Very practical. Very straight forward teaching and explaining.
Theresa Mawson

It just makes good sense to have a solid foundation not based on fear.
Paula Lewis

Having used the methods used in the Foal Handling Online Clinic on my weanling with great success, I ordered the PDF books and have just began reading them, love this way of being with my 3 quarter horse mares.
Heather Ronaldson

I really like your simple approach to animal behaviour and learning. It makes so much sense to me.
Toni Mitchell

It all makes sense and the methods work!
Mark Tymms

Everything explained by Neil makes perfect sense, thinking of the horse all the time, its exactly the way i want to always train my horses, the results have been great with my ex racehorse that unfortunately experienced some trauma during his days!
Emma Pike

This way of training makes so much sense.
Cheryl Phillips

Your approach is simple, straightforward and believable.
Toni Mitchell

Because it all makes common sense. I just wish these so called professionals that don't use their own brain to work out why they have different outcomes than Neil Davies would ask themselves Why? Humans demand respect from others. Why not show respect to our four legged friends. A big Thank You for putting your experiences out there.
Syra Wallis

The approach is very horse orientated and reminds us that we have to find the right way to handle and communicate with horses, from their point of view, not ours.
Ruth McMinn

Easy to understand,& it worked with an older TWH gelding! He loves his head rubs now!
Ann Growley

I already have recommended it to friends!
Bettina McLeod

I purchased Neil Davies book "Fear-free Horse Training" and it is the best piece of horse "tack" I have bought. The book is easy to read and follow and Neil's advice works in real life!
Nicky Plummer

I love the simple and practical way Neil delivers his message.
Wayne Glover

Love that you take it back to basics and make it simple to understand.
Annie Taylor

Confidence giving helpful information for handling and working with young horses.
Mark Simpson

Common sense approach that is easy to understand and follow. Very helpful!!
Kris Bhattacharya

Your philosophy just works and it is so much kinder. The results are a testament to you!
Tracy Swindells

I like the theories and the practices as they really work.
Hayley Reed

Revolutionised all the training methods I’ve been taught. Back to just listening and being consistent with every single thing I do. Gentle but clear messages for my horse without all of this “leader” BS. Thank you Neil!
Kirsty Du toit

Neil's book offers a simplistic and informative guide to a step by step kind and understanding way to teach your horse.
Denise Wileman

I have already recommended it to a friend! My horse has totally changed after just 3 weeks of following your teaching. She no longer whips rounds and is much happier and calmer when I ride her. I stayed in the school for the first two weeks but I can now hack her out on my own and feel she is focused on me rather than on spooking at everything. I feel confident on her rather than afraid so your book is well named. I am so grateful to you. Thank you so much.
Olivia Heywood

This philosophy reflects what I've always thought in my heart about horse training. The book is well written and for me, it gives me a little confidence. Wish I could meet Mr. Davies in person and get advice as I start to work with my new filly.
Laura Borel

I just love your no-nonsense, easy approach to training your horse. I see so many people doing the things you disagree with, like "desensitisation" by flapping ropes, tarps, bags, etc around their horse. I have always thought that if your horse has never been frightened by your handling & training, it has nothing to be scared of if a bag flaps around on the ground or blows by whilst you are riding.
Judy Strauss

I have more understanding of my horse and his needs, he has responded well to the techniques as well as an unhandled unbroken 2 year old that does exactly what he needs to as I am able to be clear with him. Thank you!
Andrea Croft

Your book is practical and makes sense. Buying a young horse after 16 years without on is challenging but your way of training is simple and easy to follow.
Selena Bigg

I have found the Starting Under Saddle Online Clinic to be great. Neil is straight forward and easy to understand and it has provided great framework for my training. I’m being guided at my own pace and my horse is responding so positively. I have also needed to ask the odd question to clarify my understanding and Neil has always answered within a day. I have watched the videos over and over and learn something every time. I previously studied “natural horsemanship” methods for years and found some things just didn’t work. I ended up feeling quite demoralised and with a very confused horse! Neil is good at debunking approaches that don’t work and telling you WHY they don’t. This has really helped my relationship with my horse immensely - it’s clearer, more direct and more satisfying for both of us, under Neil’s training methods. I highly recommend his training courses.
Estelle O’Brien

No horse deserves to be scared or bullied into submission. A confident horse is more likely to be a safe horse and trusting of its rider.
Mary Dacombe-Bird

An absolutely wonderful book! It puts into words the feeling of the importance of being able to train the horse when it is emotionally ready to go and communicate with. I was very happy about the book and it was signed by the author! It is a different doctrine while being simple and logical.
Mari-Theres Karlsson

The methods are just so easy sensible and safe, for horse and owner.
Chris Cole Cole

I love your straight forward no nonsense approach, and it all makes so much sense, I have never tied up legs etc either, and have followed your practices since the early days, like early 90s!
Kate Small

I love the way you explain everything and how you are against the harsher methods of training. I've never agreed with those ways of working with horses and I truly hope more people out there start thinking the same way and if your method can help even one more person to change their way of thinking it's worth it to me. So happy I came across your book! Thank you!
Michelle Parker

Sensible thinking, no cons, no gimmicks, if you understand it all makes sense.
Karen Morgan

After just a few days of spending time with my horses, I could see a huge difference in the way that they behaved. Not only did I learn from the techniques but when I cut back on their feed like Neil suggested that was always a major change in the way they behaved. Both of my horses have gone from being hyped up all the time and not wanting to be touched, to now being in your pocket and you can't love on them enough now. Absolutely Incredible!!!!
Matt Tapley

Positive, fear free principles that put the horse first.
Tina Atkins

I love your book and your way of fear free handling the horse. Read all of your posts that you email me and even made copies of some.
Diana Griffey

Very easy to understand. Common sense training. Refreshing to see respectful efforts to getting the horse to understand what we want the horse to do.
Brenda Tylke

Love the book look forward to emails I receive. Made a huge difference to my relationship with my horse. Thank you Neil.
Claire Thornhill

Very informative material.
Ian Martin

Alot of commonsense. I love the easy to understand language that I could go out and implement straight away. Awesome.
Sarndra Matthews

After going to many different trainers and not finding what I was looking for I have read Neil's book "Fear-Free Horse Training" and purchased his online video "Fundamentals Online Clinic", this is what I have been searching for all these years.
Beverly Tomlinson

I believe that this book aligns with how I believe a horse should be treated & trained. Makes total sense.
Michelle Meara-Fletcher

The simple philosophy of sticking to the basics of controlling the speed, direction and gait, has made a huge impact on the horses I have worked with. Every horse has different quirks, but it always comes back to these when dealing with riding issues.
Chris Lloyd

I love Neil’s kind approach. I haven’t worked through all the lessons yet but they make sense. The demonstrations are clear and easy to follow. My mare can be a little difficult but I’m darn sure punishing her will not help and it’s good to have an experienced horseman like Neil on my side.
Julie Humphreys

Neil calmly explains everything that makes sense to me about horse training, but I have difficulty explaining to others .... he treats horses how I would like be treated 😊
Roz Watson

I have total faith in the methods used, they are straight forward, well explained and no non-sense. My horse and I have already benefited hugely from these guidelines. Thank you Neil so much.
Cobie Curtis

Because the book is easy and straightforward to read along with step by step pictures to support the traing. A fantastic book and Neil is absolutely spot on with his experience and knowledge on how to treat horses and make a friend for life. Thank you Neil.
Michelle Koster-crockford

I have watched regularly for pointers and has helped me with training my boys.
Karen Stuart

Having watched and read the info that you put out and tried it, it works! And therefore I have no hesitation over sharing with people in the appropriate mind set.
Sue Brooks

I like the gentle, practical approach. Have adopted the head rub and walking a circle with good effect with a 10 year old ridden horse and with a non ridden miniature.
Bev Watson

I am finding that everything you teach and offer makes complete sense. It takes time, even if it is just 5 mins at feed time or when I'm walking by, and its creating confidence and teaching me patience in the process. Its all about the horse first, once he's confident, mine is increased as well.
Louise Stone

Neil explains things in a very simple user-friendly way and has the horses welfare and best interests first and foremost. My horses have all responded to the way I work with them by using Neil's methods. I could not be happier with the results. Happy horses = happy farm. :)
Jodi Dewick

Absolutely the most effective way to get through to your horse.
Cindy Abbott Abbott

I like the way Neil explains things, also how he uses horses that aren't always doing what he would like them too, thus you can see how he overcomes the issue.
Donna Dean

Instructions are clear, easy to follow and make sense to both human and horse. There is no drama, no gimmicks or expensive training gear to buy, just simple, honest advise. I love that it is a gentle way and doesn't traumatize the horse.
Beatrice Ehm

I find the training very effective and beneficial.
Sandra McMillan

Your training makes perfect sense.
Tracey Petersen

Your approach is sensible and practical, proper horsemanship.
Lulu Kane

I have always felt there was a better way for the horse to be educated, this is it. You have allowed me to grow into a better educator for my horses, thank you!
Belinda Seiboth

Your way of training is plain and simple in which you make a person feel more confident and it takes a bit of that fear away.
Edna Hemming

Great advice and an explanation on how horses respond.
Bob McNeven

I’ve been using Neil's methods since I’ve bought the book as a 60+ man I’ve been doing it my way for a long time I tried Neil's way and the results were astounding since then I do it exactly the way he shows result every time thank you Neil Davies.
Martin Williams

So much educational information that I have not seen or read elsewhere. My horse has benefited greatly as have I.
Sonja Parkinson

Knowledgeable and informative. The best training method for those that truly care about their horses.

Everything I read makes sense. For years I have not understood why certain things are common practice, like making a horse frightened. Now I understand better how my horse responds to Neil’s training ways. I also refer to the book a lot. It’s a great reassurance I’m still on the right track.
Belinda Tekis

Comprehensive, sensible and kind approach to horse education.
Megan Minasi

I've used the method on a particularly grumpy little mare and she's like a different horse!
Caroline McIntyre

Your logic and mine are the same. Highly agree with every statement that I've read and heard so far (despite contrary advice from "horse people") I might add. I'm dealing with a very fearful 6 year old gelding that is such a good temperament and tries but has been through who knows what abuse. My experience mimics Neil's.
Kevin Wolf

Because your knowledge on understanding horse-think has been a godsend for both myself and my horses, and has resulted in a greater appreciation of what and how to ask, and what to expect.
Patricia Griffiths

Informative, makes sense, encouraging, logical.
Leesa Hatten

Neil gives straight forward realistic information which makes sense and puts the horse number 1.

Answered a lot of questions that I had about the so called natural horsemanship that is so prevalent in horse handling today that I was uncomfortable with, thank you.
Shirley Douglas-Greig

Neil’s method helped my horse I and immensely, couldn’t catch him when I first had him, now he catches me.
Angela Burg

I like the name Fear-Free Horse Training, asking a horse to move instead of forcing the horse to submit while all the time in fear. My husband Steve Bryant has done a few courses in Australia with Neil Davies and uses his teaching methods for starting and training our Australian Stock Horses we've bred here in NZ., it works well for us and easily understood for both horse and trainer.
Ngaire Bryant

I really like Neil's methods & they are easy to understand for anyone.
Gladys Anderson

Neil’s techniques are simple and practical. It has made working with my horses stress free.

Easy to understand answers to real life situations.
Gerald Chumbley

Clear instructions. Guidance in difficult situations. Understand that good results take time... there is no miracle fix.
Astrid Dawe

Because your writing and methods are so down to earth and clear - and they work!
Pam Collings

The way Neil works with horses is amazing.
Mrs Isabelle Benn

It's a kind and sensible approach, very clearly articulated by Neil.
Jackie Fry

I find the advice insightful and easy to understand. I always look forward to receiving the email posts to continue my understanding and develop my knowledge of horsemanship.

I absolutely love your work, Neil. Your philosophy is the only way to a successful, working partnership with our horses. Thank you for showing us the way.
Kim O’Grady

I have been following Neil’s training methods and have found them invaluable when working with my own horse.
Helen Duncan