The Super Sensitive Horse

A horse is a very sensitive creature. He can feel the lightest touch of your hand and the slightest squeeze of your leg. He can hear the slightest rustle in the bushes and feel the smallest fly land on his back. This is how a horse is made. There’s nothing you or anyone else can … Read more

How to Add to Your Horse’s Knowledge

Whether you realise it or not, every interaction you have with your horse teaches him something new. Every time you lead or ride your horse, you’re teaching him. Every time you feed him or clean his stable, you’re teaching him. Every time you brush him or hose him or clean out his feet, you’re teaching … Read more

Don’t Frighten Your Horse

There are some approaches to horses and horse training that are not only idiotic, but cruel as well. I hear and see things every day that make me cringe. Here are a couple of recent beauties: From my Facebook page: “We have a girl in our barn who has been taught to scare her horse, … Read more

Why I Never Use a Flag on a Stick

Whenever you work with an unhandled horse or foal, the first thing you must do is get a rope around his neck. Without a rope, the horse can run away at any time. And the more frightened the horse is, the more he’ll run. Some horses will run to the point of exhaustion rather than … Read more