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Fear-free Horse Training Hardcopy

  • Fear-Free Horse Training explores and explains every facet of the horse/human relationship with Neil Davies’ trademark sensitivity and insight.

  • Step-by-step instruction for everything you’ve ever dreamed of being able to do with your horse.

  • Over 300 colour photographs illustrating lessons from a foal’s first human contact through all stages of handling, riding and training.

  • Clear explanation of the true meaning of a horse giving, listening and trying for you.

  • Comprehensive guidance on leg handling, trailer loading, riding problems and leading problems.

“Neil Davies has penned the defining horse training manual for the 21st Century. It will be a very long time – if ever – before a better user manual for horses is written.”
Colin Dangaard, Malibu, California

“So amazing and immediate are his results, won seemingly without effort, that his work appears like magic.”
Horseman Magazine, USA

“Neil’s approach is so simple it’s hard to believe it works. But it’s more powerful than anything I have seen.”
Hoofprint Magazine, New Zealand


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Fear Free Horse Training with Neil Davies



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Reviews of Neil's book:

Jackie Fry

"This book is a gem and it's a humane, kind way to build a horse's confidence! Love this book, so glad I bought it! Dont need any other as Neil shares a sound approach that one can use in every situation when training a horse."

Ann Hurst

"So logical, everything I read in this book is a penny drop moment, so obvious a child could see it, unlike us adults who tend to over complicate everything!!"

Glenda Georges

"I read this "down to earth" book recently and everything Neil says makes perfect sense. Highly recommend."

Donna Louise Tinsley

"Got this Book for Christmas.......... Brilliant...... makes you think about every aspect of training a horse..... .. makes perfect sense.... I can hear his words in my head every time I go near or ride a horse."

Lianne Van Kerckhof

"I just love how sensible this is. The book is full of no-nonsense, common sense info."

Trish Jackson

"Buy the book everyone. I've read all of it, even if some of it doesn't apply to my horse, it's still all about learning the way a horse thinks. Certainly opened my eyes."

Shirley Robinson

"This is an excellent book. It doesn't matter how long you have been around horses, read this and learn more."

Helena Scott

"Neil's book is the most common sense and enlightened guide I have read on horse training. The technique is working well for my green pony and my green self."

Judy Parker

"Neil's book is a must have for horse people who want to be Better. I wish I had this book years ago. The chapter on The Respect Myth should have been the first chapter. This is the best book in my very extensive library."

Nick Weber

"Mr. Davies, thank you. I have read and re-read your book, studied your videos, and contemplated your philosophy and vision. Thank you, for me and for my horses. I've seen the rest, but no one, and I mean no one, does what you do. The difference in my horses speaks volumes for you as well. Your book is a welcome and needed revelation and revolution in horse training and relationships."


"Hi Neil, thank you for your book.... I'm amazed how the chapter on shying has made a difference to me and my mare..I can't believe how I have been missing the signs...just two lessons in with correction when she looks at something or takes her attention off me has made a huge difference......thank you so much...."

Simone Cleeve

"Just got my book and already achieved getting my lad on a trailer for the first time since July!!!!!! No fuss, didn't attempt the tug of war, just a couple of refusals, but then followed the guidance and that was it. Actually you could probably add stress free as well as fear free, when he clearly trusted me to just walk on. Thank you, I can now start taking him out to some pleasure rides with his field buddies."

 Zoë Eloise Eld

"It's so awesome to see the fantastic results, so quickly, in my young nervous mare, as a result of reading the book!"

Alex Prat

"The book has been a great read. The trailer loading part has been exceptionally helpful. Thankyou. I also make more of an effort to rub my horses on the head and make them want to be with me. So thankyou again."

Carey Goodare

"I have just read Neils book! Couldn't put it down!! I have owned and ridden horses all my life. I am glad that I have been doing some things right, thanks to my dad.
However, Neil has given me such insight on so much. I think every one who loves horses should read this book as there is so much in it. I love the final comment, 'Always remember - you hold your horse's life in the palm of your hand.' Thank you Neil.
The book now holds permanent place in front of me on my coffee table for easy access."


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Only $59.90 Australian Dollars - includes postage worldwide.

Fear Free Horse Training with Neil Davies



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