16th July 2017

Best book I've read in years , I hope all of my horsey friends read it. Thanks Neil Davies, a champion for horses.

Kim Day

29th June 2017

Just got my book. What a surprise! Beautifully put together. I held off buying it because money is tight, but I definitely got my money's worth, and can't wait to begin going through it!  Thanks again! Beautiful book and wonderful writing. Anyone who's on the fence in buying this: take my advice and buy it!

Carole Coburn Coggin


26th June 2017


Neil is a pioneer, everybody who owns or interacts with horses should read Neil's book. His book will teach you all you need to
Know in how to manage your horse and build a relationship with him. It will most importantly teach you how to make your horse confident and happy. My horse 'locked' his neck, I did everything to make him 'soft' but his neck wasn't the problem, it was his mind!

Ruth Mayes


 27th March 2017


Kerry Narvo

I read this book often. I am not a very good rider but having the ideas and steps from Neil I feel more confident, the step by step reading is so valuable to me, love it,

Thankyou Neil


Ruth Mayes
This book provides a new approach to building a solid foundation and relationship with your horse. I want my horse to enjoy being around me and working with me and this book provides the steps to achieve this. I think Neil has a revolutionary way of working with horses.


10th of March 2017


Moi Watson
I have had my copy for 8 months and the moment I hit a "tricky" patch with my ex-polo mare, I refer back to it straight away. I always assume it is my fault and I need help with how to translate what I want to something my horse understands and this book does that every time so far. It is a slow process but we are making little steps forward all the time :)

If you only ever buy one book on "how to" and most of all "how NOT to" this is it!


3rd of March 2017


Jackie Fry

This book is a gem and its a humane kind way to build a horses confidence ! Love this book so glad i bought it! Dont need any other as Neil shares a sound approach that one can use in every situation when training a horse.

 6th February 2017


Simone Cleeve

Just got my book and already achieved getting my lad on a trailer for the first time since July!!!!!! No fuss, didn't attempt the tug of war, just a couple of refusals, but then followed the guidance and that was it, actually you could probably add stress free as well as fear free when he clearly trusted me to just walk on lol, Thank you, I can now start taking him out to some pleasure rides with his field buddies xx


1st February 2017


Roger Parkinson

I already have the book - it's my horse training bible.


Lyn Blight

Just can't stop reading my copy!! WOW!!! arrived on sat and every spare moment is spent reading!!


21st January 2017

Vivienne Moore

I got your book 10 days ago and have read it - some sections 3 or 4 times. It makes so much sense!
I have been told I'm too soft on horses and too quiet around them. I have always felt that frightening a horse doesn't desensitize it frightens. I have shared your beliefs for years but now have an organised way to approach handling a young (or old!) horse. My yearling is already benefitting from your methods.

16th January 2017

 Zoë Eloise Eld

It's so awesome to see the fantastic results so quickly in the young nervous mare I've acquired as a result of reading the book!

5th of January 2017

Hi Neil.

The book has been a great read. The trailer loading part has been exceptionally helpful. Thankyou. I also make more of an effort to rub my horses on the head and make them want to be with me. So thankyou again.

Alex Prat


Donna Louise Tinsley

Got this Book for christmas.......... Brilliant...... makes you think about every aspect of training a horse..... .. makes perfect sense.... I can hear his words in my head every time I go near or ride a horse.

 4th January 2017

Roland Horton

I'm currently reading Neil's book and I've got to say that it's chock full of good common sense thoughts and tips. I've already started to use some of the techniques in Neil's book with my horses and it works. Gently does it. Little by little. Look for the try. Reward and come back again tomorrow. Don't push too hard. Be clear and consistent. Neil's book really is a great great tool for the horse owner who wants to learn horse handling and also wants to improve his horse. I'm loving your book Neil, thank you!


2nd January 2017

Roland Horton

Thank you Neil. The book arrived 2 days ago and I'm really enjoying it. It's unlike other horse books in that it's hugely practical and very easy to follow. Thank you for sending it so quickly!


12th December 2016

Rhonda Payne

Great book, so simple, straightforward and logical!!

8th Dec 2016

Ann Hurst

So logical, everything I read in this book is a penny drop moment, so obvious only a child could see it, unlike us adults who tend to over complicate everything!!

Glenda Georges

I read this "down to earth" book recently and everything Neil says makes perfect sense. Highly recommend


4th Dec 2016

Vickie Griffis
Florida USA

The money I invested in the master class videos is proving to be one of the best things I have ever done to help me become a better horseman. You may not realize that your quiet, calm, steady demeanor not only positively impacts the horse, but also the human who is just as worried. I thank you for your efforts and look forward to my future lessons.


26th November 2016

Trish Jackson

Buy the book everyone. I've read all of it, even if some of it doesn't apply to my horse, it is still all about learning the way a horse thinks. Certainly opened my eyes.

Jane Taylor

Great book even for kids, will teach them a lot about horses, so glad I have Neil on fb now.

4th November 2016

Robin Watson

I am so excited to get your book! I don't know if the comment I left went through, so I'll say it again here.

I enrolled in your master video lessons. For the last few weeks, I've used your method to work with my Gypsy Vanner, Pistol, who is a 3 year old gelding. l'm so pleased with how fast he is learning and how I, now, recognize when he is "worried" versus when he doesn't "understand". For the most part, he's catching on and is compliant.

I've signed up for 3 other training type video series in the last few years and YOURS is the only one I've stuck with. The others made no logical sense to me and were too showy.

I'm so very happy that I stumbled upon your website via Facebook! You're the real deal, Mr Davies and I am very appreciative that I am finally getting an authentic clue. :-)

Robbin Watso

Mel Lowe

Got your book for my birthday.. best book ever.. ps thanks for the autograph


16th October 2016

Ali Ainslie

I have the book.... nearly 60 years round horses and I'm still learning! Great tips in it...put it on your list for Santa!!

Joan Howland
I got the book and it is worth every cent!!I it is awesome

12th October 2016

Rhonda Payne

Hi Neil,

I bought your book a couple of weeks ago and am on the third read through. Love it! So sensible, simple, logical and I can remember the key points when I'm with my horse, rather than trying to remember a raft of steps/ techniques from a DVD that has taken me hours to watch! Let alone put into practice!

You have just stripped it back to the necessities and taken the mystique (and marketing!) out of it. And it has worked! Thank you. SO much. Rhonda. (New Zealand

3rd October 2016

Carey Goodare
I have just read Neils book! Couldn't put it down!! I have owned + ridden horses all my life. I am glad that I have been doing some things right, thanks to my dad.
However Neil has given me such insight on so much. I think every one who loves horses should read this book as there is so much in it. I love the final comment, "remember you hold your horse in the palm of your hand" thank you Neil.
The book now holds permanent place in front of me on my coffee table for easy access...

28th September 2016

Lisa Bridges

I'm currently watching Neil's master class training videos and I can say they are amazing!!! Very eye opening and after watching this training method you will see its completely "illogical" to do it any other way !! The confidence I've gained and the understanding of my horses has improved so much and so have my horses trust in me. I have a standy OTT (trotter) a miniature pinto that was only being used as a show pony and a yearling brumby. So excited about spending time with all 3 and loving every minute. Thanks so much Neil! Your experience and your knowledge is helping me greatly! So glad I signed up for the master classes :-) Oh I'm in south Australia btw


Karen Zelinsky reviewed Fear-free Horse Training with Neil Davies —
5 star
August 13 ·

I have just purchased the Masterclass videos and am only two videos in & loving what it is teaching me! I'm no professional.. I have a horse that kicks and won't let me touch him past the neck.... Already after two short 10min sessions following Neal's training I am touching him (while he patiently stands and waits for me to move away) on his neck, back, stomach and top of front legs... Incredible!

15th Septemember 2016

Judy Parker

Neil's book is a must have for horse people who want to be Better. I wish I had this book years ago. The chapter on The Respect Myth should have been the first chapter. This is the best book in my very extensive library.

11th September 2016

Vicki Flynn

My book is with me all the time,lol... Only had it since Tuesday but I'm hooked.. Makes so much sense

Liz Sinclair

I've got this book and it's really helped me, I've tried his approach and my bond with the ponies has become much stronger x

3rd September 2016

Don Prohaska

Great book and thank you for writing it ! ! !

Michele Holiastos

As a founding member of Dressage NSW...I will be personally recommending your book . Dressage principles of training a horse often do not delve into a horses psyche whereas your book Neil Davies..."is a valuable rarity to those riders "who dare to love their horse"....Xenophon .....forefather of modern dressage

25th August 2016

Zakia Ebrahim I recently received my copy and it is brilliant! Common sense, logic with heart 💕


Fear-free Horse Training with Neil Davies
Thanks for your compliment Zakia Ebrahim. Glad you like the book. All the best from Neil


Zakia Ebrahim
 Liking is an understatement lol. It is giving me so much more clarity and understanding, and most importantly my confidence and relationship with my Boy is growing. Thank YOU! 😊

Hello Neil!

I have just read your book and want to tell you how wonderful it is. I have ordered a second copy this morning.

I have read over 100 books on training/equitation/horsemanship and yours is simply the best of all of them.

I train young thoroughbreds and have immediately put your methods to a real world test and have nothing but success.

Are you planning to come to North America?

The horse world desperately needs to hear your wisdom and doctrine of kindness towards these noble creatures.

I want to thank you so much for seeking and then sharing your wisdom of a “better way” to train horses.

Looking forward to the day we get to meet,

Yours truly,

Ralph Livingston



John Davis

I can recomend this book. Has been working great for me.

Thanks Neil

20th August 2016

Nick Weber

Mr. Davies, thank you. I have read and re-read your book, studied your videos, and contemplated your philosophy and vision. Thank you, for me and for my horses. I've seen the rest, but no one, and I mean no one, does what you do. The difference in my horses speaks volumes for you as well. And since Colin Dangaard tells me that your not such a bad fellow, who am I to argue? Your book is a welcome and needed revelation and revolution in horse training and relationships.

Julie Rimmer

I just received the book yesterday! I knew from reading the blog that at last I'd found someone who had more experience yes but the same way of thinking, have only put. The book down to get some sleep lol! I have read lots of other books watched videos but always something missing or not what my horses were telling me thank you Neil for this book!

Ingrid Anderson

I'm enjoying my book very much and applying the information working with my colt. I started my mare a couple of years ago and she is awesome but I see now that I can be even more sympathetic in basic traiing and handling.

Thank you Neil

7th August 2016

Lianne Van Kerckhof

I just love how sensible this is. The book is full of no-nonsense, common sense info.

Shirley Robinson

This is an excellent book. It doesn't matter how long you have been around horses, read this and learn more.

4th August 2016


Hi Neil, thank you for your book....I haven't managed to get through it all yet, but, I'm amazed how the chapter on shying has made a difference to me and my mare..I can't believe how I have been missing the signs...just two lessons in with correction when she looks at something or takes her attention of me has made a huge difference......thank you so much....😊

 Amanda Broughton

I have the book and is amazing so simple steps my young one is coming along beautiful thank you

14th July 2016

Helena Scott

Neil's book is the most common sense and enlightened guide I have read on horse training. The technique is working well for my green pony and my green self.

14th July 2016

Sarah Van De Sandt

Already taken your advice on spooking - fantastic! Distraction and getting the horse to do other stuff as soon as that gait slowed and the head went up - worked so well - without horse or rider getting to the point of being scared and wanting to bail out! Thanks for another addition to my "toolbox" Neil

10th of July 2016

Kelly Bek

Just received my book and loving it! Even chapters that I thought might not apply to me as much (such as starting a foal-as I don't have one) I still read it through, and come across some very helpful advice and knowledge that Ill be using with my gelding who's not a baby anymore!! Looking forward to finishing the whole book.

Alison Paisley

My book arrived promptly as few days ago- it's really good quality and full of so much helpful advice - and all in the 'positive' vein. Had it's first read through in the first 24 hours and now looking forward to the slower re read!

Kate 9th March 2016
Got one for my birthday -best ever totally changed a lot of my ideas and increased my understanding and empathy ten fold -happy happy horses too. Thanks Neil

 Elle 9th March 2016

My book arrived yesterday I literally can't put it down . It's everything I was hoping for and so much more. I flipped through and the first thing I read was "You can't overdo pleasantness. This is the most powerful training tool available too you " never a truer statement written ! I had a huge smile when I opened it up and found it had been personally signed, gorgeous! Thankyou for sharing you life's knowledge Neil, your kind heart and compassion shines through in this beautifully written book. Amazing!!

Sue 7th March 2016

Finished the book now to get this horse trained, yard built and head coming around nicely now, following the Fear Training as it is the only book that has ever been worthy of learning from, it has been a long time in coming to this world!!! Brilliant Neil

Hi Neil
I just wanted to say Thank you!
Having read your book and followed you on FB, my horses loaded onto the float first time of asking without any dramatics and force.
The lad on the left is only 16 months old, and floated only once before.
I had a good look at myself and the with lots of face rubs and very little in the way of pressure from behind...they were fantastic. I'm beyond happy.



Thank you so much for writing the most simple book on training I have read. Everything you have learned from horses and training make sense.


Sally Hudson — 5 star

Loving this book- very clear, easy to understand and makes complete sense. Arrived super quickly and with a lovely handwritten note in it from Neil too... Thanks so much!


Kaylea Moseley — 5 star

I am absolutely loving your book!! It's simple and easy to follow and absolutely in line with my view on how we interact with horses!!


Kerry Therese Calladine

Received my signed copy of your book. Im so excited to continue reading it. Ive already found myself nodding in agreeance and clarity in the small amount I've read learning it's so nice to have a book that I can go to for practical tips that is easy to follow and understand. Thank you so much for it's fast delivery and for signing it!! That really made my day xxx


Leah Cutler

Great book Neil. I've not been able to put it down


Leonie Schilling — 5 star

Thanks for the speedy delivery of your book to me!
I'm really chuffed you signed it for me to!
Looking forward to reading your story..x


Natasha Humphrey — 5 star

Just received my book - in the UK, I love it! And thanks for message & signing


Rachel Tipler — 5 star
I have your book it's brilliant. Very easy to follow and great tips and ideas in it.


27th June 2015

Hi Neil,

Yes if you ever come to the states and are in the area, I will make it a point to come see your presentation! I'll bring my book!

I have been following you on Facebook and really enjoying your videos and articles and love the book as well, lots of great info!

Thank you for being the voice and knowledge many of us have been looking for!

A fan and student of your work,
Carol Skok


4th May 2015

Neil ,
I am so very pleased to say that after reading your very sensible and logical training methods in your book, I have been enjoying seeing my six month old filly foal progress from being scared and aggressive to relaxing and her confidence is building up . I have now progressed to getting her head collar on and she is letting us pat her and rub her over her body ...We are now up to commencing her leading training and I will enjoy adapting to your methods with this far so good....thanks again Julie.


22nd April 2015

Thanks for sending your book promptly , I am enjoying the read and I have already got a halter on my foal who before I got your book and reading your sensible advice , did not want anything to do with us...we are working on building up the confidence and trust factor ..doing a little bit often .So far so good. Thanks so much as your book has taken me back to basics , you never stop learning with horses.



26th March 2015
via facebook


You were years ahead of your time. As a competitor you were tough, talented, quiet and un-assuming. I think of you and your Dad and myself being pulled around the Inglis sale rings all those years ago... And still smile...great to see you out & about again!

Regards Richard Mulcahy.


24th March 2015

Just ordering my second book to give to a young girl about to train her first foal. I wish I had read this book years ago. I always felt some techniques in "natural horsemanship" were not right. I have even been at clinics where I have refused to rev up and frighten my horse. Thank you your book is wonderful.




5th March 2015

Hi Neil,

Received Fear free horse training book today and am delighted with the quality and value.

I trained two horses to ride 15 years ago using your video and your first book A Better Deal for your Horse(which is now in poor condition as it was a paperback and has been read many times).

These horses became confident riding horses from a trainer with limited skills.

Now I am 60 and am considering training some ponies so need an update, hence the purchase.

Congratulations on a great book and thanks for sharing your vast knowledge,



“Neil Davies has penned the defining horse training manual for the 21st Century. It will be a very long time – if ever – before a better user manual for horses is written.”

Colin Dangaard
Malibu, California


“So amazing and immediate are his results, won seemingly without effort, that his work appears like magic.”

Horseman Magazine, USA


“Neil’s approach is so simple it’s hard to believe it works. But it’s more powerful than anything I have seen.”
Hoofprint Magazine, New Zealand



A Facebook Comment

Rick Worthington

This guy is Neil Davies. He is a master horseman, very humble and a horse genuious. His father Henry Davies was my mentor and taught me things I would never have been able to work out myself. He filled in pictures of the puzzle which to me for years had been missing. I am forever grateful to Henry for passing on his knowledge and for his patience with me. I am also a great admirer of his son, Neil, who would be, without a doubt one of the worlds leaders in horsemanship and horse education and he needs to be acknowledged for what he is............ Like his dad Henry.......... Another horse genuious. Horse people world wide can learn much from this man, if they take the time to listen.

Rick Worthington.

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