Neil grew up working with horses on his families dairy farm in country New South Wales. As a young teenager he trained horses on the rim of the outback and soon developed a intuitive connection that lead him to understand horse behavior.

Three generations of horsemen. My Grandfather, Edgar Davies mounted on 'Digger'. Myself and my father Henry Davies holding 'Little Digger' a son of 'Digger'.

Working with difficult horses that no one wanted to handle or ride Neil realised that by approaching in a calm manner and rubbing their neck he would gain the trust of the horse much quicker.

For Neil horses that kicked, bit and bucked no longer acted that way because they had nothing to fear from his kind and loving rotating hand on the forehead which made being with Neil an enjoyable experience for the horse.

This simple action has become Neil's "hand shake" for connecting with horses and putting them in the right frame of mind to work with.

MMy first ribbon at Picton Show in the early 1960s. Note the 'riding boots'.

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