Starting a horse under saddle - The first lesson


The first slideshow shows a three year old mare’s first lesson with me. Initially she’s nervous and worried and has no idea what I want her to do, so I give her the answer before I set any problem. I start by rubbing her head. I show her it’s always easy and pleasant to keep her head with me.

Next, I apply a small amount of pressure at her rear end. After a couple of circles, I stop her and rub her head. I show the mare that the easy and pleasant thing is to keep her head with me and she soon starts to get the idea.

Next, I stand alongside the mare and ask her to stand and bring her head to me. When she does this, I again rub her head to show her it’s always easy and pleasant to keep her head to me. The mare soon learns to stand and keep her head with me when I stand alongside her. Simple and uncomplicated.

You can see a huge change in the mare’s attitude by the end of the lesson. She starts to relax when she understands the simple solution to her problem – keep her head with me and life is easy and pleasant.

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