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Seven hours of video footage featuring Neil’s unique approach is now available to you. Never before has there been such an in-depth explanation of horse behaviour and horse handling. When you watch these videos, you’ll feel like you’re in the training yard with Neil as he works.

See Neil’s unique approach first-hand, up front and personal. He’ll show you why there’s never any need to use force or restraints or flags.
Watch the basic ground lessons that apply to horses of all ages, while Neil starts a three-year-old station-bred gelding under saddle. This particular youngster hadn’t had much handling prior to the making of these videos.

Step-by-step, lesson by lesson, day by day in real time, Neil catches the gelding, teaches him to lead, handles his legs and introduces the saddle, bridle and himself as rider.

No chasing. No bucking. No fighting. And neither horse nor human raised a sweat.

Neil explains every step in great detail throughout the sixteen lessons. The footage includes questions from onlookers, interviews and plenty of Neil talking to camera. Neil’s common sense approach shines through - every step of the way.

Neil Davies understands horses. And he understands horse people. Though not everyone has the skill and experience to start a horse under saddle, every horse owner can benefit from this video series. Whether you’re an experienced rider or a complete beginner, you’ll benefit from understanding how horses think and learn.

No matter how lofty or lowly your ambitions with horses are, there’s something for everyone in this video series.

1. Purchase online access to the full series for $19.99 per month - minimum twelve months.
2. Purchase twelve months online access with one upfront payment of $199 -A saving of $41
3. OWN IT FOREVER: Purchase the full series on a USB drive for $289 and we’ll include online access for twelve months absolutely FREE.



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