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Imagine putting your beloved pet dog on a long lead and chasing him round and round with a flag on a stick.

Imagine forcing your dog to run backwards or sideways every time he tries to come to you.

Imagine flapping a tarp at your dog until he cowers and stands shivering and shaking in fear.

Or how about chasing your beloved pet dog round and round if he doesn’t come when you call him. And every time he turns and runs, you chase him some more.

Now imagine hitting and chasing your dog away from his food to “teach him respect”.

Imagine tying something frightening onto your puppy’s back and chasing him in a round pen while he runs in terror.

If anyone did any of these things to a dog, they’d be charged with animal cruelty. However, many people think it’s completely okay to do these very things to horses.

Please don’t tell me it’s different because horses are prey animals and dogs are predators. If you’ve ever seen a puppy or a young dog who has had no human contact, you’ll know that he’s just as frightened of people as a young horse who has had no human contact.

And please don’t tell me that it’s better to use a flag on a stick because horses are big and powerful and you can keep your distance. If you feel scared of being near any horse, you’d best leave the job to someone with more experience.

Here’s another imaginary scenario –a dog training video using the same cruel techniques that many people use with horses:

Show how to jerk your dog’s collar time after time and make him run backwards when he doesn’t do what you ask.

Show how to rope your dog’s back leg and pull it out behind him whenever you have a problem.

Show how to tie your young puppy to a post and let him pull and struggle until he “works it out”.

Show how to attack your young puppy with a flag on a stick and chase him round and round for no apparent reason.

And last but not least, show how to tie your puppy’s legs together, force him down on the ground and let him lay there for a while. All in the name of education.

Of course, the world would be up in arms if there was such a video.

You wouldn’t do any of these things to a dog. Why do them to a horse?

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Finally an intelligent man, talking sense in the horse world.

Juliet Edwards February 14th, 2017

Thanks for your kind words Juliet.
Cheers Neil

Neil Davies February 15th, 2017

Neil can you please post this one on your f/book page so I can share it everywhere. Im so so sick of seeing EVERY SINGLE one of these points being used daily due to arrogance & ignorance. Please keep sharing your posts mate. 'Finally' someone that JUST MAKES SENSE !!!!

christine gordon February 12th, 2017

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