Groupthink in the horse world

Here’s a quote from a scientific magazine. Although it’s written for social psychologists, it also applies to the horse world. ‘Social psychologists, of all academics, should be particularly alert to the dangers of epistemological homogeneity, or groupthink as some prefer to call it. They would… Read More »Groupthink in the horse world

Horse Problems

It’s interesting to read of the problems people have with their horses and the advice given. In a lifetime of working with horses, the problems haven’t changed and unfortunately, the thinking about horses hasn’t changed much either. People think they need to make a horse… Read More »Horse Problems

The Road to the Horse

I just watched a DVD of the Road to the Horse. A revolution in horse training it isn’t. At the end of the event, not one of the horses could even walk a circle in a confident and relaxed manner. There was an obsession with… Read More »The Road to the Horse

Neil’s Horse Training Book

Fear-free Horse Training, every step of the way explains every facet of horse training – from catching a foal for the first time, starting a horse under saddle, teaching your horse to move forward and give, overcoming problems such as shying, rearing, pulling back, and… Read More »Neil’s Horse Training Book

A Magic Horse Training Fix

Everyone  who rides or handles horses will have problems at some point. Everyone  has trouble at some stage. You may have a problem cantering on the  correct lead; you may have a problem making your horse go; you may have a  problem making your horse… Read More »A Magic Horse Training Fix